Walk Your Way to a Slimmer Fit

Brisk Walking and Bone Health

Bone health is very important. You won't enjoy any workout if you have bone health problems. In fact, it may affect your whole life. So take care of your bones. Make sure you have enough calcium and Vitamin D. Take supplements if need be. Sunlight is a good Vitamin D source but you cannot stay too long exposed to sunlight. Consider supplements well.

Walking and Your Bone Health

Now we come to why we wrote this article--walking and your bone health. Do you know that brisk walking is excellent for your bone health? Recent studies show that brisk walking, especially with progressively applied stress, is good for bone density promotion. So start your Walk Slim now!

If you already have bone problems or not, walking is good for your bones. Start with brisk walking after you have consulted your doctor about it. If you're a novice at working out, walking is a good start. It will give your bones the right stress needed to help osteoblast cells to do their work better.


Osteoblasts are bone cells that repair and increase bone particles in our bones. But with age, osteoblasts tend to weaken and sometimes suffer bad performance if we lack nutrition for bones or take stuff unhealthy for bones, like cola drinks, softdrinks, cigarette, and too much alcohol. We need to double-time with calcium, Vitamin D, and a healthy lifestyle.

Osteoblasts are hlped when we do exercises that put positive stress on the bones, like brisk walking. And we need to do our brisk walk really briskly. But we need to start slow. Just brisk walk what you can in the beginning. Then, as you gain more strength, increase speed gradually. If you can take 100 steps a minute, progress to that rate. And then 120 steps per minute. It will be good to time your walking speed. Bring a pedometer.

Power Walking

Positive stress is the key here. If you're comfortable with brisk walks, increase your speed further. Better yet, walk on uphill surfaces as you gradually increase your speed. Just make sure you can still talk comfortably as you increase your speed.

You can also put some weights around your ankles or waist with weight belts. Just make sure you're comfortable using them. We don't want negative stress that will give us injuries. The key here is enjoying what you're doing.

Or, you may take longer strides as you walk. If your normal step is 2 and half feet in length, add 3 to 5 inches more, or longer. Do this with the speed you can manage to keep up. Another form or power walking is climbing up stairs. Climb stairs up to 4 or 5 floors high and increase speed gradually. You may also try walk-run; do walking and running alternately.

Working Out the Limbs

Work out the limbs and trunk by swaying them as you brisk walk. Or incorporate other different movements as you walk, like isometrics. Or stretch. I do my stretch while brisk walking by trying to reach with my hand an imaginary thing overhead. I also swing my arnis sticks as I brisk walk.

It will not hurt to use dumbells or do push-ups with our walk slim workout.

Remember, walking is good for your bone density health. Whether you're still young or middle age or in advanced old age, walking is good for your bone health.

Green Tea

Green tea is also good for your bones. Take it two times a day and you get harder and better bones. Experts say any tea will do, but green tea is better.