Walk Your Way to a Slimmer Fit

Walking and Your Blood Sugar

Walking does a lot of good  to you heart. And recent studies show it also has very good effects on our blood sugar, particularly your glucose and lipid metabolism. That's double benefits for your heart. Concentric and eccentric muscle workouts through simple walking do the trick. This means, in your Walk Slim workouts, choose rolling hills to walk on, or hike on mountain paths. Better yet, walk up and down stairs.

The study was done in the Alps and discussed by the American Heart Association Scientific Sessions in 2004. It concluded that  walking up and down was good for the heart and for normalizing blood sugar levels. Up and down is working out the concentric and eccentric leg muscles. Do this 3 to 5 times a week and you'd get good results, especially if you're diabetic. 

You don't need to go to the Alps for this. Just look for an uphill road and do your walkletics there. Or look for special treadmill devices that lets you do uphill and downhill workouts if you like staying indoors. Or, if you hate spending for that, take the stairs. Now, how does all these work?  

How Workletics Work for Your Blood Sugar

Here's how it works: Concentric exercises (walking up) lower triglycerides and eccentric exercises (walking down) improve glucose tolerance. Now here's the better news--both concentric and eccentric do wonders to improve your LDL cholesterol levels.

If you don't like going out for a walk, climbing up and down your stairs will still give you a good walk session benefiting your heart and blood sugar levels, especially when downhill walks improve how your body uses blood sugar. Stairs that service a second floor level is good enough; just climb up and down several times. Better if you have a staircase that services 3 floors up.

If there's an office building near you, ask permission from the owner to use its stairs some 30 to 40 minutes each day for walking workouts. Sometimes I do it in nearby malls. But remember that the best venue for walking is outdoors where there is free flowing oxygen.

If you have problems with your blood sugar or heart, consult your doctor about walking up and down stairs or rolling terrains. He'd advise you on the length of time and convenient speed. Then work at it daily to improve your health. Because walking is natural, there's a big chance you'd get natural healing as well.

Well, if walking does not help heal you, at least you can be sure that it will definitely help to maintain whatever progress you have gained with your health, instead of getting worse if you stay idle or inactive. Don't surrender to your ailment--walk to fight it. Remember, you can only get better with regular walking.


 It's important to always monitor your blood sugar and pressure though, and not just rely on the fact that you're regularly doing your walk workout. Some people, when they read infos like the this, tend to neglect regular check ups with their doctors. If you have problems with your health, especially your heart or blood sugar, you have to work with your physician. Workouts are an aid to health and healing, not a medicine.

We've heard of people who started out fit and healthy with regular workouts but then steadily deteriorated just because they ignored regular health monitoring by a medical expert. Sometimes muscle bulk tend to deceive and make us neglect what really counts--inner health.

Walkletics, proper diet, relaxation, regular check ups, and prayer and faith in God are the right formula. You'd never go wrong.