Walk Your Way to a Slimmer Fit


Walk the talk, and talk the Walk! Walking is a life, and life is really a walk--a walk with God and others. At Walk Slim, we want to walk a LIFE to a slimmer fit! 

A LIFE to a slimmer fit means life doesn't have to be overweightly complicated. Get rid of life clutters, non-essentials, and live a slimmer simple but meaningful Life! So, start a LIFE walk.

A LIFE walk is your path to spiritual and mental health. It's how you walk the talk, or live out your life principles. This is greatly aided by talk your walk--or how you talk about your life principles with God during your Walk Slim workouts!

Walking with God and Others

Walk Slim is also about your walk slim in the spiritual life. Your LIFE walk. The reason why you walk slim in the physical is to rid yourself of unnecessary weight load, unwanted fats. If this is done, your walk slim enables you to walk light. When you hit your ideal weight you can easily move around and enjoy more mobility. You achieve more. You reach more distance.

The same with your walk slim in the spirit. If you walk lightly, rid of all life's clutters and unimportant non essentials, you enjoy peace and well being. You get more meaning in life. You get closer to God. You appreciate the benefits of walking with God and others. But first, you have to "slim down" with your LIFE walk. Get down to the basics.

Getting your LIFE walk in order is very important, to say the least. You may be physically fit and trim and all, but if your life is in shambles your fitness sometimes means nothing. Nothing compares with physical fitness and a healthy LIFE walk, having a happy and healthy relationship with God, an enjoyable marital life and family, and a balanced walk with other people where in no one uses you and you use no one. A good LIFE walk consists of these basics:

Walking With God

Walking with God is exciting and precious. Few people know, enjoy, and maximize this experience. I literally walk with God as I go out regularly and do my walk-slim workout. You can really walk your way to a slimmer fit with God! Anyone can. If you really want to.

I talk with God in whispers as I brisk walk. Sometimes I break out in giggles. Sometimes I just talk to him in my mind. Praying? Umm, not really. I don't really religiously pray to God. I just talk to him. I unburden everything to him so I can be set free of all stress and anxieties. And it really works. Psychologists may call it self counseling. I call it a LIFE walk with God--really talking and walking with God. And it becomes an exciting "date" with God each morning.

Being free of worries is vital to a healthy LIFE walk. Can you really be free of worries? Oh yeah. But it doesn't mean worries and troubles and problems will never come your way again to bother you. They will. But the good news is, you can disentangle yourself from them by walking with God. Many people suffer from serious anxiety problems, even suffering from trembling, palpitations, paranoia, and other mental problems. The remedy often is really simple: they just need to be unburdened of too much worries. Some of them love handling problems even not of their own doing. They just devour them. 

But if you learn to walk with God and trust him, you'd get a different outlook in life. Everything will be lighter and simpler. Letting go and forgetting will be easy. If you workout with a heavy heart and anxious mind, you'd just trigger negative chemical reactions in your body more. But with a peaceful mind and merry heart, you get all the health benefits. 

Walk with Others

Walking well with others means you let others live as they want to, as they also let you live as you want to. Christ's golden rule is: Do to others the things you want them to do to you. To walk with others in the right way, you have to do first to them what you want to be done to you. That's the secret. It's not being uncaring about others; it's about caring first for them. For instance, you certainly wouldn't like other people minding your life unreasonably. Then, be the first to do that to them. Mind your own business. Walk with them, but don't tell them how to walk--unless they ask you, or read your website on Walk Slim. ;)

A lot of people just love to teach others how to walk or point out their errors in walking without being asked about their opinion. And a lot of them have good intentions. But good intentions like that do not automatically mean a happy walk with others. The best way to walk with others is to walk correctly yourself. Be rigid about how correct your walking is, but with others, let them walk the way they want to. Be tolerant, but also be ready to help when asked. To Walk Slim, that's the only way to walk your way to a slimmer fit, in physical health and in life.

But what if you encounter those who wouldn't leave you alone but dictate everything about how you should walk? And if you look at their walk, it's not really good enough to serve as model. Here's how to walk with others like that--walk away. Stay away from people who want to control how you walk, forcing unsolicited advises on you. Never walk alone, but walk freely. 

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