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Fruits and Diets

Health and fitness buffs should love fresh fruits. And I mean especially in the morning, after water therapy. A lot of herbal health supplements are good, but eating fresh fruits daily is still something else.

My routine daily is drink 3 to 4 glasses of pure water first thing in the morning, rest for 30 minutes, and then eat fruit. I love bananas. Sometimes I eat atis or papaya. But it's often 2 bananas. Then I workout. After workout I eat one boiled sweet potato, which is rich in vitamins and minerals. Then I proceed with breakfast.

I just love fruits! They go so well with your walk slim workout. Keep eating fresh fruits through the day, daily. With bananas, eat 3 to 4 a day, but don't overeat them.

Try this routine: In the morning, eat two bananas and drink fresh lemon juice (forget about powdered juice drinks which are nothing but sugar, preservatives, and food color). In the afternoon, eat two slices of melon, a slice of guyavano, and one guava. As simple as this may seem, it'd cost you some. In my case, when I don't have enough money for fruits, I eat 2 bananas in the morning, another one in the afternoon, and some tomatoes. Sometimes I also eat lots of tomatoes in the morning, partnering them with fried fish. And yes, apples and oranges are great, too. If you can, have one each daily. 



In our place, deep Asia, we have different varieties of bananas: lakatan, latundan, saba, senyorita, and tumok, to name a few. They say that among these varieties, latundan and saba are the most nutritious. To me, they're all the same. They contain the same nutrition, but due to their sizes, they differ in the amount of nutrition you can get. 

Whatever you do, if you're working out, never lack potassium. Always make sure you get enough of it. Blood tests can determine your potassium health.

Super Trio: Eat them Everyday

Bananas may be bad when eaten too much (more than 5 a day is not recommended), but in moderation (3 or 4 a day) they are considered super food. In fact, some experts say they are more nutritious than apples. So it's now a banana a day that keeps the doctor away. Bananas are a well rounded fruit giving you all the vitamins and minerals you need. And that works super with your walk slim workouts. Walk your way to a slimmer fit and do that with bananas and other fresh fruits. I often take a banana with me when I'm out walking, just in case I need to eat something.

Apples are also good for walk slim lovers. Get a habit of eating enough bananas and apples regularly and you're on your way to a healthier you daily. Bananas and apples are easily available fruits in the market or grocery store and every walk buff should have them in their diet regularly. You don't have to wait till they're in season because you can buy them any time of year.

Oranges, aside from smelling healthy, is healthy to eat. We all know that. But the problem is, few really believe it as to really eat them first thing in the morning. Well, it takes some getting used to. Some people worry about it being too acidic for an empty stomach. But fresh fruits, like oranges, are alkaline when eaten immediately after peeling.

Take your pick among these everyday-fruits, or better, eat them all daily. They'll add wonders to your walk-slim workouts.

The Role of Fruits in Walk Slim Workouts

Early in the morning after water therapy your digestive system is just raring to digest something. Anything you put there is digested well and put into your system at once and almost entirely. So be wise about what you put in there first. Keep away from carbohydrates or meats for a while. Choose fresh fruits.

If done on a daily basis, eating fruits early in the morning before anything else will definitely power up your performance, overall body health, and condition through the day. And as you do so, don't spoil everything by smoking, getting drunk, or staying up late at night. These are a definite no-no for walk-slim walkletes.

You'd feel growing stronger by the day once you've been eating fresh fruits early mornings for 5 or 6 months. The first few months will have the fresh fruits cleaning your system. After 3 to 4 months they will start perking your overall health condition up. And you'd pleasantly discover your walks or brisk walks getting more powerful. You even dare couple them with jogs and runs.

If you're tiptop healthy, it takes lesser time for fruits to do the cleansing and get to health empowering sooner. And do eat more varieties of fruits as you develop in this area. Aside from bananas I try fresh star apples, mangoes, grapes, pineapples, avocado, guavas, and guyavano in the morning. Often, after water therapy and fruits, you feel the urge to visit the toilet earlier than usual and see how fruits do their job at cleansing and getting rid of toxins and fats. Then, it's a lot lighter to do your walk slim. Oh yeah, your weight actually normalizes, and brisk walking becomes easier and easier to do.

Well, for a while, eating fresh fruits first thing in the morning after water therapy may give you some problems, like constipation. It's not the same for all people, but some do constipate. Perhaps, a change in eating habits confuses the stomach for a while. But after months of doing it, the cleansing benefits will begin, and visiting the toilet will be a piece of...umm...well, I'd rather say, will be very easy.





Walk Slim Power Combi: Fruit and Yogurt

Pow! Boom! This is the explosive way of powering up your walk and slimming down your figure. I introduce the Walk Slim power combi--fruit and yogurt. I love this combination in my breakfast, or even afternoon snacks. When I have the budget for it I buy plain yogurt and mix in fresh fruits like bananas, apples, or grapes. Oranges are welcome, too. Fruit and yogurt is great!

You get lots of fruity goodness and protein and calcium. Plain yogurt may not taste that good to others but I love it. Well, you may add honey if you like, and that's added energy booster for you slim walk. As you lose pounds from your brisk walk slim, you gain tremendous nutritional boost from your fruit and yogurt. And absolutely no fats!

I also sometimes try sweetened yogurt with fruits, but the thing we don't want here is the white sugar and preservatives. At least most plain yogurts have none of these, so eat them immediately because they spoil fast. And by the way, yogurt is good for frail kids. I just remembered my two boys--they used to be sickly but by God's grace eating yogurt improved their health. And it's wonderful for adults, too. 

Lactose Intolerant

My tummy cannot tolerate fresh milk now, although I used to love it and drink lots. It's what they call lactose intolerant. But here's where yogurt comes in--you can get lots of protein and calcium from it if your tummy doesn't tolerate milk. If you're a workout lover--especially a Walk Slim enthusiast--you cannot live without milk. You need milk up to your old age. Better if you also eat fruit and Yogurt. Or, drink it in liquid form, There are bottles of it available in supermarkets.

 Better yet, prepare your own. Simply get fresh yogurt and any fresh fruit you want, put them in your blender, add honey, and blend. Add crushed ice for a real nice treat after your walk slim session. That's a super daily routine to walk your way to a slimmer fit! Feel your strength double as you do your brisk walk and fruit and yogurt more regularly. Plus, I remember reading somewhere that yogurt aids in the natural healing of your body. 


Breakfast Diets I Often Enjoy!

Walk Slim Diets I often enjoy. I'd like to share you my favorites. If you want to lose weight or keep an ideal one, my breakfast diets might help you. They're easy to prepare and makes you light but strong for your daily walk slim workout.

Fried Tofu

Slice tofu into thin rectangles and wash. Heat cooking oil in a pan and fry the tofu pieces until brown. Put cooked tofu on a saucer and sprinkle with a little soy sauce and vinegar. Add some crushed garlic and chopped onions on top. Eat with a cup of rice.

Sauted Sayote

It's known as Christophene or vegetable pear or mirliton. In Deep Asia we call it Sayote. Others call it Chayote. Peel it and chop. Saute in cooking oil with crushed garlic and onions. Add just a bit of water and bring to a boil. Add chopped kinchay and onion leaves. You may also put in some cauliflower or broccoli. Add chopped tofu pieces if you like. Eat with a cup of rice.

Two Boiled Eggs and Fried Fish

Boil two eggs and fry two fresh water fish (trout). Eat with a cup of rice. If you feel like eating some more, you may add another egg, but that's it. And don't do it often.

Ubiquitous Ripe Tomatoes

I make it a point to regularly eat my meals with a ripe tomato, especially when I eat fish or meat. Good if you always eat it. Tomatoes are extra healthy for you and adds Vitamin C to perk up your immune system. Put it on rice while steaming it and you get lycopene when you eat it. It's good for your heart.

Walk Slim Lifestyle: Enjoy Fresh Fruit Juices

Make it a habit to drink fresh fruit juices. And make them yourself. Don't prefer "fruit" juices bought from fastfood stores or restaurants. They're bound to be rich with white sugar. It should be your Walk Slim lifestyle to always enjoy fresh fruit juices. It cleanses your system and recharge your body with natural Vitamins and minerals. It does wonders to your immune system and anti cancer defenses.

At times, juicing can be tiring, except if you have those hi-tech juicers that don't need fruit peeling. Simply wash the fruit and put it in the gadget. If you don't have them, simply slice 4 lemon or kalamansi pieces and squeeze into a glass of water and drink.

Don't worry about acidity. Fresh fruits immediately eaten or consumed give off alkaline juice, not acidic. You may do this 3 times a day to wash off bad acidic contents in your body. Fruit juices also remedy stress. Enjoy fresh fruit juices as a Walk Slim lifestyle and you're always perked up for daily life. 

Juicing to Glow

Juicing fresh fruits also helps make your skin get a healthy glow. Eating fresh fruits plus drinking fresh fruit juices equals powerful health and fitness.

But why juice when you can eat fruits? Well, it's hard to eat 5 pieces of lemon or kalamansi. It's difficult to eat 10 mangoes or apples. Juicing them is easier. But this is not to disregard eating fruit.

So why not just juice and drink fresh fruits? Eating the fruit gets you the precious fibers from it into your digestive system. And that's powerful nutrition absorption for you. If your digestive system has no problem, your body easily absorbs nutrients, like calcium. So eat more fresh fruits, like pineapple, to "sweep" your digestive system clean.

Remember, with walking as a workout, we drink nothing but pure water and fresh fruit juices. Fresh milk is good, too. Maintain this discipline for life and it can promise that you can walk your way to a slimmer fit. 


More Health Alternatives for the Serious Walker

More fruit and healthy diet options for the dedicated walker. With today's fastfood trends, the healthy walker is left with fewer and fewer options. If he does not buy fresh fruits and veggies and cook the veggies himself, he might as well try health food alternatives.

It will cost him more, but anyone who wants to live healthy and fit will have to shell out money and invest some. Come to think of it; a lot of people also invest money, time, and effort getting unhealthy and unfit, and we were at some point in our lives like them; at least most of us were. So, why not channel those resources to getting fit and healthy> It's all worth it. It's for you, your loved ones, and most especially God our Creator.


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