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Too Young or Old to Workout

Posted on April 21, 2012 at 9:50 PM

  Too young, too old. Walking fits everyone. If you think you're "too too" old for it, ask your doctor about it. If you get a go signal (and I think you will), do it slowly. Don't overwork yourself. Walk leisurely. Enjoy it. If you think you're too young, remember that even babies are taken out for walks. Now, unless you're only a few months old...


It's understandable if we're talking of high intensity exercises, like power weight lifting. We really have to consider age. But walking is almost as safe and natural as breathing. An ICU nurse once told us that heart patients are mostly urged to walk around more (though slowly) after treatment--even while in intensive care. Making them sleep most of the time is counter-productive to recovery.


To be sure, in anything you do, even with walking, always consult your doctor. Especially if you have some qualms about your age, and especially if you plan to use stairs for your workout. Stair-walking is a great walk-slim variation, but you have to check with your physician, and you have to know the correct way to do it--which will be discussed here in Walk Slim.


Too Sick to Workout


For instance, you have a flu. Should you workout? Of course, you shouldn't. But if say, you're sick with weak lungs or just feeling too sick with something so that you feel too tired and weak, walking will make you feel better--and gradually stronger. I had that bout once. I felt too sick and weak to do anything. But I went out and walked anyway and slowly I gained strength and better health. Well, that was after I had checked with my doc and my tests said I was okay. If I had stayed on the couch and pampered my feeling sick, I probably would have ended really sick. You can only get better when you regularly walk.

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