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Too Lazy to Workout

Posted on April 21, 2012 at 9:45 PM

  Too lazy to workout? Well, at least people who say so show themselves honest. Often, the simple remedy here is to have a walking partner or a walking coach...or even a plain partner who'd call you up each morning to wake you up for the workout, and check on you later if you really did workout. Someone authoritative, like your mother-in-law or boss.

It will be more effective if this coach or partner is a health buff or a walking enthusiast. Walking is too easy and simple a workout to be lazy about. In fact, you can just wake up in the morning, go out, and start walking. Just walk wherever!


A lot of times, starting with a leisurely walk cures laziness. Don't think of it as an exercise or workout. Lazy people hate the word "work" or anything that suggests the same. So cut out the "work" and just plain walk. Walk to enjoy the surroundings. In times when I feel lazy to go out and walk, I start walking around our place checking out plants and leaves and watching insects in the garden.


Once, I really felt too tired and lazy to do any workout. I went out of the house and watched the morning light play on nature. I listened as birds gleefully sang and chased each other happily from tree to tree. Then I walked around the street a little, jogged in place, and soon I was walking briskly and then running. If you want to be fit, it's easy to shoo laziness away. It's just a matter of will power. And never entertain thoughts that you're too lazy to workout. Fight it off at once by actually exercising.


Too Tired to Workout


Well, with walking this too is easily remedied. When you get home, just rest for 20 to 30 minutes, take a glass of honey drink, and walk away. Start with a leisurely walk, window shop at the mall if you want, and then slowly build up speed, ending up with a brisk walk. Better if you can do your walking early in the morning.


Early morning is when your body has rested and in tiptop shape to exercise. Just walk for 30 to 40 minutes, rest, and prepare for work. A 30-minute walk usually takes me two rounds around our block plus a walk around our street and a bit of jogging in place. When you regularly brisk walk you get a good sleep at night and be well rested in the morning, ready for a workout. You'll never be too tired to workout. That's a relaxing walk-slim style to walk your way to a slimmer fit. And do greet people you meet while walking. It adds to the health benefits and makes you want to walk more often.

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