Walk Your Way to a Slimmer Fit

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Walk-Jog for More Power!

Posted on February 4, 2011 at 6:27 PM

  Walk-jog more for more power!

I can't tell health and fitness buffs to just jog or run and forget about walking. All medical doctors I've talked to were unanimous in saying that brisk walking is still the best exercise there is no matter how many new exercise and workout forms are available today. So, I always say, walk-jog for more power!

When starting your walk-jog, walk leisurely for 15 minutes  first. Enjoy that walk, like window shopping. After 15 minutes, brisk walk. Don't break into a brisk walk immediately when starting. A leisurely walk is a good warm up. After about 15 minutes of brisk walking, start your walk-jog. 

If you're doing your walk-jog in your community, brisk walk one block and then jog one block. If you're in an Olympic oval, brisk walk for half the oval and then jog the other half. The same with a linear route--walk half of it and jog the other half.

Of course, this depends upon your body condition. Some days your body seems to need longer walks, some days it needs longer jogs. If you're not competing in a sports contest, you don't need to set records and break them each walk-jog session. Just enjoy what you're doing, putting in some small challenges now and then. 

So, why did I say "Walk-jog for more power" if you'd just enjoy everything without pressure? The word "power" always gives us ideas of self-punishment and doing more than you did yesterday. My point is, if you just enjoy your walk-jog, chances are you'd be able to keep it more. Staying with your exercise program is the key to power. I've seen young people do their exercises rigidly, gaining more power each day, only later to give it all up due to boredom. 

I've seen guys who were formerly so athletic, always at the gym, but now are overweight and sickly.

Walk-jog is more likely to make you enjoy your workout and keep it up till a ripe old age. In my case, I switch from brisk walks to walk-jogs to runs to shadow kick boxing, and to tai chi and Filipino martial arts. It keeps me excited about working out daily. Now that's real power!

Run to Perk Up Your Walk!

Posted on November 22, 2010 at 9:23 PM

  Run to perk up your walk! Sometimes, you don't feel like doing your walk slim workout. You tell yourself you'd just do it some other day. You're simply lazy to workout. You know what you should do? Run to perk up your walk!

Run for a hundred meters. Or run past several houses. After you run you'd discover that your mood has changed. Suddenly you feel active and athletic. You'd want to do your workout. What happened? Well, it's the adrenalin rush. After you secrete energy boosters from your adrenalin gland, you'd feel stronger and more active. You'd feel like tackling something challenging.

So, if you feel lazy about your walk slim workout, or any workout for that matter, try running some distance. Don't run all the way--just cover a few meters, about 30 or 50 or 100. Just enough to get your body fired up and your blood rushing. That will change everything for the better. Then try to perk yourself more by walk-jog sessions.You'd see that you'd be willing to walk all the way to finish your workout.

Often, peak performance is just a few runs away, and laziness is kept at bay with the same. Remember, run to perk up your walk! So you'd never miss any of your walk slim workouts and keep fit and healthy.

Running Gives You a High

Posted on November 18, 2010 at 2:56 AM

  When you've warmed up with brisk walking you can then break into a run and feel like The Flash. Then, make sure to return to a brisk walk mode, and then a leisurely walk to cool down. Then, resume with your brisk walk. You see the progress phase? You need to be sensitive to your body. Don't punish it with sudden demands. But running is good--running gives you a high.

Try to jog-run. I do it this way--I walk leisurely first, then brisk walk, then jog, then run. Then I return to brisk walk, and then a leisurely walk. Then I do the routine again. And so forth. It's the best way not to wear out the body (or tear the body). When you're young you just do whatever you think of doing. You just suddenly run at top speed, then suddenly sit down to rest. You keep doing that and it's going to get you later in your old age. The heart might suffer dearly for it. Almost everything in life needs a warm up. Bear that in mind.

Well, in emergencies, when you need to suddenly run like hell, you need to. DON'T warm up first. Run like crazy for your life. It's okay. Anyway, it's not everyday that you do this. Even in martial arts, you don't train daily by starting it full speed at once. You warm up first. But in an emergency, you must move with lightning speed from beginning to end. And then run away.

Anyway, do try running. If you're sticking it out with leisurely or brisk walks forever, you have the right to it, but do try running for highs. Running gives you a high. You feel light in your head and body. The burst of energy coupled with gasping for air gives little oxygen supply to the head, thus the "high" feeling. When I ran 7 kilometers for marathon training I had this wonderful "high" feeling each time I finished. I cooled down before resting to make sure my body adapts well and does not get rapid-pace-change shock.

I don't recommend running too much, but a brisk walk-jog-run routine is good. If you need to relax from stress or be relieved of problems or anxieties, try running. Running gives you a high that will make you feel good. Just remember to do it gradually from a leisure walk.