Walk Your Way to a Slimmer Fit

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Meditative Walk Slim

Posted on February 23, 2011 at 6:59 PM

It's good to often strengthen the mind. Aside from making it enjoy its work by creative and stress-less thinking, it's also good to meditate.


Have you tried a meditative Walk Slim?

This is the way I do it. Early in the morning, I browse at my bible and get a passage with its context. I read it slowly and repeatedly, about 4 times, absorbing details in my mind and memorizing the passage. Then I go out to do my brsik walk.

As I brisk walk, I roll the passage over and over in my mind--then in my spirit--trying to "see" what actually happened during the time the Scripture passage happened. Then I try to relate the passage to my life, my situation, and then to the immediate surrounding I see around me as I brisk walk.

As I do all the above, I am aware of God walking beside me, dwelling on the same passage. I ask Him questions about it in my mind, discuss related things (like how I should be affected by it) and my surroundings. Often, we stop to zero in on details of it, at times we laugh or just smile warmly and quietly about it, at times we wink at each other knowingly.

I find my meditative walks with God very meaningful and quite strengthening. Often, it's my refuge I run to when I need some air and a nice break.

You may try it, too.

Community Walking

Posted on November 21, 2010 at 8:59 PM

  Some like it in parks or ovals or gyms. If you can do your walk slim workouts there, well and good. But if not, I also love walking around the community. Community walking is simpler, and yet it affords as much fun as you get from special venues. Just go out there in your streets and walk.

I walked this morninng and met neighbors who were also doing their walking or jogging workouts. Just a simple "Hello!" makes you feel good inside. And I wathced towering trees, noting how beautifully they have grown. Far away I hear the lovely singing of birds, the kind I often hear in the countryside when we go on vacation. It's great to have them here in our city.

Should you have any emergency--like a real urge to go to the toilet, especially after water therapy--you never fear. You can always hike back to your place and use your own toilet throne. Had you been to a far away place--like a park away from your place--you'd have to use a public toilet. Worse, if the public wash rooms were closed. Community walking is often more convenient--and safer. You know your neighbors; they know you.

Either you brisk walk or leisurely walk, you can enjoy them within your community. Ours have uphill streets, so I enjoy my early morning walks here. They strengthen my heart and lungs--my mind, too, and spiritual lfie. I also enjoy my walk-jogs. I thank God for this community. But I have to watch out for street mines left there on the streets by stray dogs. They don't explode but their smell can choke you. :(

Walking Sets You FREE

Posted on November 17, 2010 at 10:39 PM

  I used to spend almost all day writing and reading. It was awesome, and yet I felt I haven't really maximized my time with them. That was until I discovered the wonders of walking. Yeah, I worked out with martial arts training and shadow boxing, but walking outdoors was totally something else. It changed your perspective. It gave you new ideas. It set your mind and spirit free. Indeed, walking sets you free.

Best of all, it set my cluttered writing and thinking free. I started leaving my work for a while and went out for a walk. Sometimes I walked around the block. Sometimes I leisurely paced along the street and watched birds and butterflies live simple lives. Mostly, I brisked walked for a workout and that, I discovered, could change you a lot.

Scientifically, brisk walking makes your lungs stronger to do its function better and take in more oxygen. That's more food for your cells, especially your brain cells. And that helps you get a better viewpoint on life. You begin to think better. And when you get back to work, you see how things can be done better. Yeah, walking sets you free.

Probably that's why Adam and God walked a lot in the garden in the cool afternoons. God knew walking could better help Adam get deeper in mind and spirit. But then, Adam and Eve started hiding from God, and the pleasant afternoon walks stopped.

Jesus was often seen on the hillsides or mountain sides or remote places. What did he do there? I guess he walked with God. And he didn't stopped walking with God so that he finished his job with flying colors.

Elisha kept walking with Elijah until the latter was taken from him. There were 50 other prophets who merely watched them. They didn't go out to walk with them. But because Elisha walked all the way from Gilgal to Jordan, he was set free from being ordinary like the 50 prophets. Walking sets you free, especially if you walk with God or his anointed men all the way.

Physically, spiritually, or mentally, walking can take you to the next level of anything beneficial. If you haven't made walking a regular regiment, start now and be set free.