Walk Your Way to a Slimmer Fit

How It All Started

I started working out in the streets since grade 6. I was then only about 12 or 13. But it was in grade 7 that I took walking and running seriously, doing it two hours daily from 4 to 6 in the morning.

Why did I decide to workout walking and running? I was a small and frail boy then and I wanted to be strong and healthy. I read a lot of fitness articles that said aerobics strengthened the lungs and heart and improved overall health. And they said brisk walking and jogging were the best aerobics.

In high school, I became one of the few really strong students, athletic, slim, and fit. My "wing" muscles at the sides of my body were already prominent. I played basketball, volleyball, soccer, baseball, tennis, and a little bit of horizontal bar. In all these, I found brisk walking and running good supplemental workouts.

I started loving martial arts and got a first dan black belt in karate when I was in my fourth year of high school. My love for brisk walking and running continued. They were perfect for keeping myself in tiptop shape.


Above, I was only about 8. I was frail and small. I'd always wanted to be strong and fit, like superman.



In College

In college, I improved a lot in body building, lifting weights, and tried boxing and marathon. In martial arts, I switched from karate to kung fu and Chinese boxing. I studied Hung Gar, Sil Lum, Tai Chi Chuan, and a bit of Wing Chun, and did a lot of sparring. To last long during spars, you need a good workout in brisk walking and running. These two proved very helpful in my athletic progress.

I proved to myself that no matter what your sport is, brisk walking and running built you up and strengthened your overall performance. Your air power in the lungs became super, you seldom gasped for air even with activities that made others so.

I regularly played basketball, walked a lot, and even had fun stair-walking up and down our 8-floor architecture building (IARFA) in university at amazing speed. I also continued running.


When I was in college, I improved a lot in my martial arts training and switched to other forms of it. I could kick very high at lightning speed and could send my legs anywhere I wanted. I had good forms in kicking, flying kicks, and hand techniques. Very few dared challenge me in sparring sessions. Brisk walking and running helped me a lot here.



Today, at 50, I still brisk walk and run, and do my martial arts (arnis, Filipino hand and leg techniques, knife fighting, kick boxing) workouts regularly. I was awarded a 5th dan black belt in Filipino martial arts. My Walk Slim routine really makes me healthy and fit, still able to have most of my athletic prowess. I train my eldest son and sometimes do walk-slim workouts with him and my wife and youngest kid.

How Did I Come Up With "Walk Slim"

I had an urge to share my contribution to spread the good news about brisk walking as a workout. The world out there should know more about it first hand from a beneficiary. So I thought of doing it online through a website. But what should I call it?

I typed a lot of possible titles on Google to see how common they were. Most of them numbered by the millions, even 55 M. Finally, I thought of Walk Slim, seeing how walking as a lifestyle empowers your slimming efforts. It's so easy to just walk your way to a slimmer fit. It's the most natural thing to do. I think it's the safest.

So I typed "Walk Slim" and found that only about 55,000 use it as a topic or website title. So I decided on it pronto. I excitedly started this website. Later, I discovered Les Snowdown's and Leslie Sonsone's Walk Slim sites which are awesome. I strongly recommend them.

For Walk Lovers

If you love walking, or would like to love regular walking workouts soon, visit this site often because we put a lot of new and fresh topics here now and then. And do especially watch out for our blogs. Very soon, Godwilling, we plan to post a lot of my videos, so you'd see and hear me speak about my love for walk slimming, and even do some demos.

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My youngest as a Samurai.