Walk Your Way to a Slimmer Fit

The Enoch-Walk Workout

Enoch had a good healthy habit. Everyday he walked. In fact, the bible seems to insinuate that he did nothing in life but walk. So he lived to be over 300 years! Well, I can imagine him walking 3 sessions a day--in the morning, mid afternoon, and in the evening. That's not counting the walks in between sessions. Because in Enoch's day, there were no motored vehicles yet, so travelling to and from often meant long walks.

Oh, by the way, Enoch was a man of God. You can read his life in Genesis 5, long before Noah and the Flood and Abraham. He was fond of walking with God. The statement, "Enoch walked with God 300 years," can be construed that he did nothing but walk with God all his 300 years existence. 



3 Secrets



What can we learn here? We can see 3 secrets to longevity:

1. Walking makes us live longer. If Enoch lived over 300 years--considering several factors like environment and pollution--at least we can live longer than usual. If the "usual" today is 70 or 80, we can expect to live over 80, in good health and fitness. Enoch never got sick--in fact he never died. So walk more, and walk longer distances.

2. He walked long walks with God. That's what made it work. You can walk and still keep your stress and worries and anxieties all to yourself and still suffer for them, or you can opt to walk with God and dump all your cares on Him--which, I'm sure, Enoch did. So he lived a healthy 300 plus years. And mind you, those were long walks with God, for 300 years.

This is one of the benefits of long walks with God---marvelous de-stressing. You tell Him everything as you walk with God. You'd see that it makes a BIG difference. You come out of the workout happier and more at peace. You have a sense of assurance. That good feeling does wonders to your overall health.

3. Enoch never died. That's why I keep saying here that Enoch didn't get sick. If God was so delighted with him that He just took Enoch up to heaven with Him, I can safely assume God also made sure Enoch didn't get sick. It would be useless living 300 years sick in bed or suffering of an ailment. And that's not how the bible pictures God being delighted in a guy. Anyway, here we clearly see that walking long walks with God can only end up in good health and long life.

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