Walk Your Way to a Slimmer Fit

Moses Mountain-Walking

Moses walked with God up and down Mt. Sinai and he grew old healthy, in tiptop shape! That's what the bible says. Mountain climbing is exciting and good for the health. But so is mountain hiking. Moses probably did both. At that time, there were no paved roads yet, so I can imagine Moses, at past 80 years old, doing rock climbing, mountaineering, and hiking up Sinai. And he died at 120 years old, without any ailment.

What is it about walking up and down mountains that kept Moses healthy? 



Moses Climbed with God

The bible says, Moses died a very healthy man, "his eyes were not weak. His strength was not gone." Climbing up and down Sinai was a piece of cake to him, at 120. There was nothing special about Sinai. But what made everything special was Moses' walk with God.

Walking up and down mountains or hills is a great workout. It makes you breathe more deeply and forces your legs to work extra hard, but with low impact, so that everything is worked up gently. Walking downhill gives easier workout while cooling down, preparing you for the next round of climbing. Experts say walking downhill is good for your blood sugar.

All these walking benefits Moses enjoyed when he climbed up Sinai. But the thing that really made it all special and powerful was his walk up and down the mountain with God. Walking with God like that triggers a supernatural mechanism that imparts, not only spiritual, but physical health benefits. Moses never became weak due to old age, his eyesight never faded. That can happen to you if you build extraordinary faith by walking up and down mountains with God, not just once, but on a regular basis.



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