Walk Your Way to a Slimmer Fit

God's Wisdom and Health

Proverbs 4, a book in the bible written by an intellectual king, Solomon, says it plainly. God's wisdom bring total life; it gives health and healing to the whole body. "health and healing." Some may say this is figurative, but the bible has lots of events about literal physical healing and health brought about by God' wisdom.

You may be forfeiting yourself of health bonuses by not reading the bible. You can do it while resting after a Walk Slim workout. You do this regularly and you'd have a better life walk.

Sometimes, I bring a small New Testament in my belt bag so I can take it out anytime I want and browse. Does it make me healthier? I believe it does. I used to be in bad physical moods after I suffered from muscle trauma (I worked out heavily one night without eating and it sent me to the emergency room). I thought I'd never get back to health and fitness.

For several months, I did nothing but study the bible. It encouraged me to gradually try working out again, assuring me of God's health restoration and healing. So now I'm back. That was about 7 years ago.

I believe it can work for anyone, as long as there's that child-like faith. God's wisdom can give you the total life, plus health and healing. 



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