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What a Waist!

Posted on April 21, 2012 at 8:15 PM

  Here's how to walk your way to fitness.


Walk Slim. It's the best way to walk and the best way to slim down. If you love to walk like I do you're probably slim and fit. If you're not, there's a bigger chance you will be slim and fit, soon. Walking can promise you a fitter body, if you just keep at it and maintain a disciplined diet. Love walking and keep walking--you'll never go wrong. It's safe, easy, and works for everyone. Doctors recommend it. Because walking is the most natural way of working out, your body will easily get used to it and even like it!


There are studies that walking is recommended even for heart patients, even those who had just undergone heart surgery. But this is, of course, subject to their doctor's approval. So don't just walk after your surgery. Ask your doctor first. But anyway, this only goes to show how effective and safe walking is, for the healthy and not-so-healthy.


It's so important to keep slim. Some are slim due to their active metabolism. I'm not talking about this. We should keep slim through workouts and healthy diets. If you're already naturally slim, it does not exempt you from working out. Some people think that because they're naturally slim they don't need workouts. They fear of getting too slim.


Well, this is where Walk Slim comes in. Walking is perfect for the overweight as well as the naturally "too slim." It's even excellent for muscle-packed bodies. If you think you're among those of the above body groups, walking is perfect for you! And you can later exclaim after a walkletic workout--"What a waist!"


Keeping slim is not just for good looks. It's for coping with daily stress and its deadly consequences to health in the offing. You can worry less about ailments and diseases and excess body measurements if you keep slim through workouts. What a waist--and what a waste of time not to be fit!

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