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Meditative Walk Slim

Posted on February 23, 2011 at 6:59 PM

It's good to often strengthen the mind. Aside from making it enjoy its work by creative and stress-less thinking, it's also good to meditate.


Have you tried a meditative Walk Slim?

This is the way I do it. Early in the morning, I browse at my bible and get a passage with its context. I read it slowly and repeatedly, about 4 times, absorbing details in my mind and memorizing the passage. Then I go out to do my brsik walk.

As I brisk walk, I roll the passage over and over in my mind--then in my spirit--trying to "see" what actually happened during the time the Scripture passage happened. Then I try to relate the passage to my life, my situation, and then to the immediate surrounding I see around me as I brisk walk.

As I do all the above, I am aware of God walking beside me, dwelling on the same passage. I ask Him questions about it in my mind, discuss related things (like how I should be affected by it) and my surroundings. Often, we stop to zero in on details of it, at times we laugh or just smile warmly and quietly about it, at times we wink at each other knowingly.

I find my meditative walks with God very meaningful and quite strengthening. Often, it's my refuge I run to when I need some air and a nice break.

You may try it, too.

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