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Walk For a Cause

Posted on April 21, 2012 at 9:00 PM

  Why walk? This is often the question asked before folks get into this workout. The answer is simple: to live well. Walking gives you physical, mental, emotional, social, and even spiritual health. We will be touching on these benefits of walk slim, or walking to keep slim or fit. These are worthy causes to walk your way to a slimmer fit.


Walking the walk slim way also helps solve reasons why people ignore working out regularly. it's easy to be fit and healthy. Really, no kidding. But the problem often is the patience and discipline to work at it. Look at the following excuses:


Too Busy to Workout


So you say you're too busy to workout. Well, busyness need not interfere with your workout. Our bodies are designed to workout naturally if we just keep using it, keep moving around and never stay idle. There are plenty to do around if we just look intently--and if we opt to do things ourselves, with less reliance on machines or gadgets or paid house help. Or, simply put, if we choose to get up and walk.


If you're just at home most of the time, get up you couch or chair and start walking around the house. Find something to do and do it regularly. Or go out and walk around the block two or three times. I work at home as a web content writer, and every now and then I stand up and get away from my desktop and walk. Sometimes I walk around my property or go out and walk around the block.


Better yet if you work in a building. Take the stairs instead of the elevator when going up floors. Climbing up stairs is a fantastic workout and we'll be tackling it more here on Walk Slim. When I have to go inside buildings I often take the stairs going up. When I and my wife accompany my mother for a check up with her doctor, I leave her with my wife and roam around the building climbing up stairs.


If you don't go up floors, try walking's alternative--jogging in place. Jogging in place can be a variation of walking. Jogging in place definitely solves your being too busy to workout. Just stand where you are (right at your desk) and start jogging in place for 3 minutes a session. Complete 10 sessions a day, from office hours to your time at home. Never entertain the thought that you're too busy to workout.


If you can, walk home. It's fun to take adventures walking home from your office or school. I did a lot of that. Just avoid highways and main avenues and opt for streets where few automobiles pass. Or go through malls or parks or markets--yes, long distance window shopping isa good workout. When I and my family fdo this, we walk from the ground all the way up to the highest floor of the mall, enjoying the sights.

Walk for a cause--your health and fitness is the first one.

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