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Walking Speed May Indicate Life Expectancy

Posted on April 7, 2011 at 8:51 PM

Recently, some medical fitness experts reported that walking speed may indicate life expectancy, or how long you'd still live. The faster you can walk the longer you might live, say fitness experts.

The study said people who walk slow, especially those who can't manage to walk any faster, may be manifesting a heart problem or weakness.

It's not always a sure diagnosis and should not be depended upon, but most likely the inability to walk fast may be pointing to a heart problem that needs to be remedied. Of course, actual heart check up by a professional heart specialist has no substitute.

Don't force yourself to walk fast if you can't. Go see your heart doctor first. But if you can walk fast but are not exerting yourself enough to do so, you may be losing opportunity to better your life expectancy. You'd probably prolong your life by trying to do faster each day--if these fitness experts are right about their conclusion that walking speed may indicate life expectancy. To ve sure, progressive brisk walking does your heart a lot of good. Just make sure you have regular medical check ups.

The gauge to see if you're walking beyond your capacity is this: if you can still talk without effort or gasping too much for air, then your brisk walk is okay. If you start gasping too much for air, reduce your pace until you feel you're breathing normal again. Then start gradually walking fast.

I tend to believe that walking speed may indicate life expectancy. And since I read this news I've been gradualy increasing my walking speed. And it's been doing a lot of added wonders to my walking experience.

Walking is the perfect exercise: research shows that taking a brisk walk can benefit your heart, body, and mind--at any age.(http://walking.about. com)(www.nsga.org): ... An article from: Food & Fitness Advisor

Walk-Jog for More Power!

Posted on February 4, 2011 at 6:27 PM

  Walk-jog more for more power!

I can't tell health and fitness buffs to just jog or run and forget about walking. All medical doctors I've talked to were unanimous in saying that brisk walking is still the best exercise there is no matter how many new exercise and workout forms are available today. So, I always say, walk-jog for more power!

When starting your walk-jog, walk leisurely for 15 minutes  first. Enjoy that walk, like window shopping. After 15 minutes, brisk walk. Don't break into a brisk walk immediately when starting. A leisurely walk is a good warm up. After about 15 minutes of brisk walking, start your walk-jog. 

If you're doing your walk-jog in your community, brisk walk one block and then jog one block. If you're in an Olympic oval, brisk walk for half the oval and then jog the other half. The same with a linear route--walk half of it and jog the other half.

Of course, this depends upon your body condition. Some days your body seems to need longer walks, some days it needs longer jogs. If you're not competing in a sports contest, you don't need to set records and break them each walk-jog session. Just enjoy what you're doing, putting in some small challenges now and then. 

So, why did I say "Walk-jog for more power" if you'd just enjoy everything without pressure? The word "power" always gives us ideas of self-punishment and doing more than you did yesterday. My point is, if you just enjoy your walk-jog, chances are you'd be able to keep it more. Staying with your exercise program is the key to power. I've seen young people do their exercises rigidly, gaining more power each day, only later to give it all up due to boredom. 

I've seen guys who were formerly so athletic, always at the gym, but now are overweight and sickly.

Walk-jog is more likely to make you enjoy your workout and keep it up till a ripe old age. In my case, I switch from brisk walks to walk-jogs to runs to shadow kick boxing, and to tai chi and Filipino martial arts. It keeps me excited about working out daily. Now that's real power!

Why Water Therapy Before Brisk Walking

Posted on January 24, 2011 at 6:11 PM

  It's strongly suggested that you do your water therapy before brisk walking. Why? Here are salient points.

First, you've been sleeping for 6 to 8 hours--your night sleep. That means you've not been eating or drinking for the same length of hours. Your body is a bit dehydrated. Thus, the first thing you should do is to drink water in the morning. And make that 2 to 3 glasses of water, daily. It's a good water therapy to ease your body systems and help it do its natural detox better. Hydrating does a lot of wonders to the body.

Second, Water therapy helps you unclog and detox your body systems, as mentioned. It's bad for the health to exercise with your body systems clogging somewhere. It's recommended that you do warm up stretches after water therapy to loosen tight spots and jammed connections in your body, and this might need a quick trip to the toilet after. After releasing toxic matter, then you can do your brisk walk much better with lightened up bowels, kidneys, and bladder.

Third, water is good for the brain. This helps calm you down and be in a healthy meditative state while brisk walking. Your mind can better control your body. Did you know that drinking enough water neutralizes irritation and anger and other negative moods? Being dehydrated makes you susceptible to mood swings more.

  Oh, and yes! Do bring a bottle of water with you if you plan on doing long distance brisk walks. Better yet, bring a water canteen strapped to your waist belt for convenience. It's quite disadvantageous to be brisk walking out there and then find yourself so thirsty and have nothing to drink. And yes, it's better to drink clean tap water (not cold water) for workouts. Now you know why the need to do water therapy before brisk walking.