Walk Your Way to a Slimmer Fit

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Too Young or Old to Workout

Posted on April 21, 2012 at 9:50 PM

  Too young, too old. Walking fits everyone. If you think you're "too too" old for it, ask your doctor about it. If you get a go signal (and I think you will), do it slowly. Don't overwork yourself. Walk leisurely. Enjoy it. If you think you're too young, remember that even babies are taken out for walks. Now, unless you're only a few months old...


It's understandable if we're talking of high intensity exercises, like power weight lifting. We really have to consider age. But walking is almost as safe and natural as breathing. An ICU nurse once told us that heart patients are mostly urged to walk around more (though slowly) after treatment--even while in intensive care. Making them sleep most of the time is counter-productive to recovery.


To be sure, in anything you do, even with walking, always consult your doctor. Especially if you have some qualms about your age, and especially if you plan to use stairs for your workout. Stair-walking is a great walk-slim variation, but you have to check with your physician, and you have to know the correct way to do it--which will be discussed here in Walk Slim.


Too Sick to Workout


For instance, you have a flu. Should you workout? Of course, you shouldn't. But if say, you're sick with weak lungs or just feeling too sick with something so that you feel too tired and weak, walking will make you feel better--and gradually stronger. I had that bout once. I felt too sick and weak to do anything. But I went out and walked anyway and slowly I gained strength and better health. Well, that was after I had checked with my doc and my tests said I was okay. If I had stayed on the couch and pampered my feeling sick, I probably would have ended really sick. You can only get better when you regularly walk.

Community Walking

Posted on November 21, 2010 at 8:59 PM

  Some like it in parks or ovals or gyms. If you can do your walk slim workouts there, well and good. But if not, I also love walking around the community. Community walking is simpler, and yet it affords as much fun as you get from special venues. Just go out there in your streets and walk.

I walked this morninng and met neighbors who were also doing their walking or jogging workouts. Just a simple "Hello!" makes you feel good inside. And I wathced towering trees, noting how beautifully they have grown. Far away I hear the lovely singing of birds, the kind I often hear in the countryside when we go on vacation. It's great to have them here in our city.

Should you have any emergency--like a real urge to go to the toilet, especially after water therapy--you never fear. You can always hike back to your place and use your own toilet throne. Had you been to a far away place--like a park away from your place--you'd have to use a public toilet. Worse, if the public wash rooms were closed. Community walking is often more convenient--and safer. You know your neighbors; they know you.

Either you brisk walk or leisurely walk, you can enjoy them within your community. Ours have uphill streets, so I enjoy my early morning walks here. They strengthen my heart and lungs--my mind, too, and spiritual lfie. I also enjoy my walk-jogs. I thank God for this community. But I have to watch out for street mines left there on the streets by stray dogs. They don't explode but their smell can choke you. :(

Just Walk

Posted on November 17, 2010 at 10:10 PM

  Just walk. It can't be simpler than that. Walk inside your house or around your property, or go out and walk in the streets. Just walk.

But the problem is, most people don't know how to walk correctly. Wrong walking forms make you tire quickly, upset your breathing, and may even cause body and headaches. From our propensity to pretend or imitate other people we admire, we mess up our walk form. Thus, while learning proper walking, you also discover your true self now and then. While there is a proper way of walking, God also designed each one to have a peculiar way of walking without messing up the walk for. God is the great walk Designer.

Walking is your best key to good health and fitness. Just walk, and keep doing and opting for it. Make it a lifestyle to walk. If you do this for life, there's no way you can't get healthy and fit, no matter your age or condition. Better if you consult your doc regularly about it. Walking, especially brisk walking, is the best workout of all.

But leisurely walks have their special benefits, too. It helps you grow spiritually as you appreciate and connect with creation and the Creator. Yes, it's powerful to walk leisurely with God. Many people do not know this secret to youthful spirituality. You get the healthy glow of a young spiritual adventurer each time you walk with God for long distances. As you walk (or wait) for God, He enables you to mount up with wings like an eagle. You walk but not faint.

So, just walk. Just get out there and start walking. It can only make you healthier. If there is something that is always possible to do, it's walking. There is no reason not to do it--even the lame can now "walk" with wheel chairs and "walk" outdoors to enjoy a good workout.