Walk Your Way to a Slimmer Fit

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What a Waist!

Posted on April 21, 2012 at 8:15 PM

  Here's how to walk your way to fitness.


Walk Slim. It's the best way to walk and the best way to slim down. If you love to walk like I do you're probably slim and fit. If you're not, there's a bigger chance you will be slim and fit, soon. Walking can promise you a fitter body, if you just keep at it and maintain a disciplined diet. Love walking and keep walking--you'll never go wrong. It's safe, easy, and works for everyone. Doctors recommend it. Because walking is the most natural way of working out, your body will easily get used to it and even like it!


There are studies that walking is recommended even for heart patients, even those who had just undergone heart surgery. But this is, of course, subject to their doctor's approval. So don't just walk after your surgery. Ask your doctor first. But anyway, this only goes to show how effective and safe walking is, for the healthy and not-so-healthy.


It's so important to keep slim. Some are slim due to their active metabolism. I'm not talking about this. We should keep slim through workouts and healthy diets. If you're already naturally slim, it does not exempt you from working out. Some people think that because they're naturally slim they don't need workouts. They fear of getting too slim.


Well, this is where Walk Slim comes in. Walking is perfect for the overweight as well as the naturally "too slim." It's even excellent for muscle-packed bodies. If you think you're among those of the above body groups, walking is perfect for you! And you can later exclaim after a walkletic workout--"What a waist!"


Keeping slim is not just for good looks. It's for coping with daily stress and its deadly consequences to health in the offing. You can worry less about ailments and diseases and excess body measurements if you keep slim through workouts. What a waist--and what a waste of time not to be fit!

Why Water Therapy Before Brisk Walking

Posted on January 24, 2011 at 6:11 PM

  It's strongly suggested that you do your water therapy before brisk walking. Why? Here are salient points.

First, you've been sleeping for 6 to 8 hours--your night sleep. That means you've not been eating or drinking for the same length of hours. Your body is a bit dehydrated. Thus, the first thing you should do is to drink water in the morning. And make that 2 to 3 glasses of water, daily. It's a good water therapy to ease your body systems and help it do its natural detox better. Hydrating does a lot of wonders to the body.

Second, Water therapy helps you unclog and detox your body systems, as mentioned. It's bad for the health to exercise with your body systems clogging somewhere. It's recommended that you do warm up stretches after water therapy to loosen tight spots and jammed connections in your body, and this might need a quick trip to the toilet after. After releasing toxic matter, then you can do your brisk walk much better with lightened up bowels, kidneys, and bladder.

Third, water is good for the brain. This helps calm you down and be in a healthy meditative state while brisk walking. Your mind can better control your body. Did you know that drinking enough water neutralizes irritation and anger and other negative moods? Being dehydrated makes you susceptible to mood swings more.

  Oh, and yes! Do bring a bottle of water with you if you plan on doing long distance brisk walks. Better yet, bring a water canteen strapped to your waist belt for convenience. It's quite disadvantageous to be brisk walking out there and then find yourself so thirsty and have nothing to drink. And yes, it's better to drink clean tap water (not cold water) for workouts. Now you know why the need to do water therapy before brisk walking. 

Run to Perk Up Your Walk!

Posted on November 22, 2010 at 9:23 PM

  Run to perk up your walk! Sometimes, you don't feel like doing your walk slim workout. You tell yourself you'd just do it some other day. You're simply lazy to workout. You know what you should do? Run to perk up your walk!

Run for a hundred meters. Or run past several houses. After you run you'd discover that your mood has changed. Suddenly you feel active and athletic. You'd want to do your workout. What happened? Well, it's the adrenalin rush. After you secrete energy boosters from your adrenalin gland, you'd feel stronger and more active. You'd feel like tackling something challenging.

So, if you feel lazy about your walk slim workout, or any workout for that matter, try running some distance. Don't run all the way--just cover a few meters, about 30 or 50 or 100. Just enough to get your body fired up and your blood rushing. That will change everything for the better. Then try to perk yourself more by walk-jog sessions.You'd see that you'd be willing to walk all the way to finish your workout.

Often, peak performance is just a few runs away, and laziness is kept at bay with the same. Remember, run to perk up your walk! So you'd never miss any of your walk slim workouts and keep fit and healthy.

Running Gives You a High

Posted on November 18, 2010 at 2:56 AM

  When you've warmed up with brisk walking you can then break into a run and feel like The Flash. Then, make sure to return to a brisk walk mode, and then a leisurely walk to cool down. Then, resume with your brisk walk. You see the progress phase? You need to be sensitive to your body. Don't punish it with sudden demands. But running is good--running gives you a high.

Try to jog-run. I do it this way--I walk leisurely first, then brisk walk, then jog, then run. Then I return to brisk walk, and then a leisurely walk. Then I do the routine again. And so forth. It's the best way not to wear out the body (or tear the body). When you're young you just do whatever you think of doing. You just suddenly run at top speed, then suddenly sit down to rest. You keep doing that and it's going to get you later in your old age. The heart might suffer dearly for it. Almost everything in life needs a warm up. Bear that in mind.

Well, in emergencies, when you need to suddenly run like hell, you need to. DON'T warm up first. Run like crazy for your life. It's okay. Anyway, it's not everyday that you do this. Even in martial arts, you don't train daily by starting it full speed at once. You warm up first. But in an emergency, you must move with lightning speed from beginning to end. And then run away.

Anyway, do try running. If you're sticking it out with leisurely or brisk walks forever, you have the right to it, but do try running for highs. Running gives you a high. You feel light in your head and body. The burst of energy coupled with gasping for air gives little oxygen supply to the head, thus the "high" feeling. When I ran 7 kilometers for marathon training I had this wonderful "high" feeling each time I finished. I cooled down before resting to make sure my body adapts well and does not get rapid-pace-change shock.

I don't recommend running too much, but a brisk walk-jog-run routine is good. If you need to relax from stress or be relieved of problems or anxieties, try running. Running gives you a high that will make you feel good. Just remember to do it gradually from a leisure walk.